Our Services

The services offered by Quantum Consulting LLC enable you and your company to resolve the problems encountered in the past, and ensure that you have the maximum protection from commercial and contractual exposure in the future.


Claims Preparation


In order to submit a valid claim under any the given Contract, it must contain three key elements:

  • Cause and Effect
  • Entitlement Under the Contract
  • Supporting and back-up information.

Any Claims Consultant can ensure that these key elements are included in a claim. However, documents can be rejected simply through not being presented correctly or in sufficient detail to ensure clarity to the reading party.

Quantum Consulting will ensure that your Claim is presented in a fashion that can be read and understood by any party, with the detail and accuracy necessary to stand up to scrutiny at any level.


In addition to the fundamental key elements of the claim, we focus on three main areas;

  • Accurate supporting information with a proven track record of success.
  • Graphical, bright and clear presentation.
  • Logicality and continuity throughout the document.

Contract Administration


At Quantum Consulting, we firmly believe that prevention is better than cure. The establishment of a robust set of procedures for administering the contract as projects are live ensures that should difficulties be encountered later, the necessary documentation has been submitted to trigger entitlement as per the contract.

Should a claim situation then be encountered, a substantial amount of time will be saved in establishing core documents and the process can be streamlined from that point onwards.

Commercial Management


Whilst the presentation and resolution of valuations, variations and final accounts are the fundamental building blocks for any project’s commercial viability, progressing and agreeing these aspects of a project are often overlooked whilst a project is underway.

This can be for a number of reasons – excessive workload of the site staff, a lack of understanding of entitlement as per the Contract or simply not presenting any applications for payment or variations with sufficient clarity and detail to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

The involvement of Quantum Consulting in the preparation, presentation and resolution of your project account guarantees that you will receive the highest levels of professionalism and experience in all commercial aspects of your projects.