Quantum Consulting LLC is a young and vibrant Claims Consultancy, delivering innovative and modern Claim Preparation services and other Commercial and Contractual services to the Construction industry.


Why Employ A Claims Consultant?

The Construction Industry is Stressful


The construction industry is notorious for its adversarial and stressful environment.  The pressure to deliver to the employing party, whether it is the Main Contractor, Engineer, Employer or Tenant, coupled with the internal pressures of ensuring profitability with such high risks, can put a strain on all parties and stakeholders concerned during the construction process.

Time, Quality and environmental issues are important issues with regard to the construction process, but, being honest, profitability is paramount for any organisation.

When organisations enter into Contract Agreements, especially Contractors and Sub-Contractors , the relationships are usually positive and full of hope and expectations for smooth delivery. Whilst every attempt at the tender is made to minimize conflict by providing clarity on the roles and responsibilities of each party, it is impossible to anticipate every eventuality and their effects.

It is inevitable that due to the complexities of construction and ambiguity in the contract documents, relationships become strained.

The Effects of Change


It is inevitable that ‘change’ will occur, due to various reasons, that will affect the original intent of an agreement between two parties and provide further confusion on responsibility and therefore the relationship of the parties

This change could be physical, such as additional floors or walls, or changes to the basis of agreement such as information flow, drawing issue being a good example.

When the change is physical then it is more obvious to the stakeholder to see the cost of the change.  However when the change or the secondary effect of the change are less tangible, parties become more sceptical that they are acheiving value for money.

Failure of Claims


In terms of what is due as an entitlement under the Contract, a Claim for a less obvious change – for example, a change that affects time and causes prolongation – is no different to a physical change such as an additional floor, except that it is more difficult to demonstrate.

When a Contractor is affected by these less obvious changes, they tend to know that they have been affected, and that they have lost money at some stage; however, the loss against the contractor’s allowances within his tender may not be the true effect of the change.

In a normal course of events, the Contractor submits his claim and it is quickly rejected because he does not prove his entitlement or contractual right to the additional money, and does not demonstrate categorically that the employing party caused it.

Removing Emotion


One of the true benefits of employing a claims consultant is that emotion is removed from the task.  Construction projects can run for years, and relationships that may have clashed initially can become further strained due the increasing pressures caused by issues on the project.   Items requiring agreement may be rejected because of this friction alone.

In addition because of the attachment associated with a particular item, a person may feel that it requires the maximum benefit or financial recompense. However, this might be at the detriment of another item with a far bigger value.  Moreover, the item may not have any contractual or commercial significance.

Quantum Consulting only target items that have significant entitlement both commercially and contractually without any of the emotional attachments associated with the construction process, which ensures that the claim process is as quick and efficient as possible.

The Cost


Due to our small size, our overhead is correspondingly small and allows us to be competitive in the local market by some margin.

Whilst we tend to avoid contingency-based appointments, the cost of our services is normally only a fraction of the entitlement we determine.  If cost is a concern, we are happy to undertake an initial review to determine, with a certain degree of accuracy, the eventual claim value.

By appointing Quantum Consulting, you are assured of a win-win situation.